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4 Must Eat Menu Items

4 Must Eat Menu Items – Bricco Ristorante

Ever go to a restaurant and wonder, truthfully, what the absolute best dishes on the menu are? Although Bricco Ristorante has a whole menu full of delicious, mouth-watering dishes, there are a few dishes that are our favorites and go-to’s. Here are 4 of our must-eat menu items and what makes them so deliciously special! 


Zucchini Flowers

Our fried zucchini flowers are exquisitely stuffed with truffled ricotta cheese and tempura grilled vegetables. What makes this appetizer so special is the mixture of these bold flavors and the light batter covering the zucchini. The light batter allows a nice crisp bite but does not take away from the creamy goodness in the middle. Biting into these zucchini flowers will bring you a rush warmth as the creamy cheese and flavorful vegetable flavors take over. This appetizer is a vegetarian favorite! 


Farfalle Tartufate

If you’re looking for the perfect Italian pasta dish, look no further! This pasta dish is filled with a generous amount of sweet fresh shredded lobster, fava beans, pancetta, black truffle, and lobster fumé. The perfectly tender fresh lobster is what makes this dish so special and we do not hold back on it. You will have the delicious lobster taste in every single bite! If you’re a pasta and lobster lover you will not be disappointed with this dish. 


Bricco’s Brodetto

In the mood for seafood? Bricco’s Brodetto is your answer! This dish is comprised of a half lobster, shrimp, swordfish, monkfish, calamari, Wellfleet clams and mussels, tomatoes, fish fumet, grilled asparagus, and bruschetta. What makes this dish so special? Well, did you see everything that comes in it?! The delicious sauces and fresh flavors in this dish will not disappoint any seafood lover. 

Veal Valdostana

If you’ve heard people say our veal is the best they’ve ever had, they’re not wrong! Our tenderly cooked and stuffed veal is filled with fontina cheese and pancetta. This dish is perfectly seasoned and perfectly prepared with a stuffing that does not overpower the veal. You will also find potatoes and oyster mushrooms alongside the veal. This is surely a dish you won’t want to miss. 


Dine at Bricco Ristorante

Next time you’re in the mood for amazing Italian food, visit us at Bricco! Our excellent customer service and extremely talented chefs will give you nothing but a wonderful experience. Take a look at our full menu here and make a reservation with us today!